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Pumice Stone

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This natural oval pumice stone from Madagascar is perfect for removing calluses and impurities. This medium hard stone exfoliates leaving your skin soft and smooth. You won't leave any dead skin on your body with this package and plastic free stone.

A natural oval stone handcrafted from volcanic rocks from Madagascar. It has a pita string hanger to hold it better.

Rub the stone against dead skin to remove it.

This stone is a perfect alternative to synthetic pumice stones, many of which are made of polyurethane and release microplastics.

This pumice stone comes package free.

Ecodis is a French company that for more than 20 years has been dedicated to creating all kinds of products in their most sustainable version, putting a strong focus on what they call "innovation for the planet" and being CO2 neutral.

Throw the rope into the brown compost bin. Please, don't throw the stone in any bin. If you happen to go to the countryside someday, throw it in the forest and that's it.