• Block of Marseille Soap

La Corvette

Organic Marseille Soap

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This Organic Marseille Soap Bar is the most versatile soap bar you will ever see! You can wash dishes, your clothes, or even your body with it, since it is kind to skin. This 300g block is an indispensable element in everyone's house.

The ingredients of the Organic Marseille Soap Bar are the following: 70% Organic Olive oil, 30% Coconut oil, Water and Sea salt (Mediterranean).

Simply use it for washing dishes, your laundry, as stain remover, your hands or your even your body!

This soap bar offers a natural alternative to the many body care and household cleaning products that are consumed everyday and commonly packed in plastic bottles.

The Organic Marseille Soap Bar comes package free, although we will wrap it up un recycled cardboard to protect it during its trip to your home.

La Corvette is a French brand created by the company Savonnerie du Midi more than 120 years ago. We could say that it is THE brand of Marseille soaps, having their own soap recipe that has been historically replicated and that continues to have the same excellent results. The products used in their soaps are still the same as those of yesteryear, all 100% natural.

No residues will be left after this bar reaches the end of its life, so it is a 5 star product.