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Eco By Naty

Natural Panty Liners

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The Eco by Naty liners are bio-based, being completely vegan, compostable and having no plastics in contact to the skin. There are two models of Natural Panty Liners, depending on their absorption, Normal and Large. Their packages contain 32 and 28 units respectively.

The materials these pads are made of are wood pulp, compostable cornstarch film, a clay coated paper, and natural glue.

As with common liners, take off the paper release liner from the bottom side of the pad, place the panty liner in the center of your underwear and get dressed, that's it!

Of course, these Natural Panty Liners represent a big alternative to common single-use panty liners, which are mostly made from plastic fibres.

The Eco by Naty Natural Panty Liners are directly packed inside a fully recyclable cardboard box.

Eco by Naty are a Swedish company that has been manufacturing eco-friendly products for babies since 1994. Nowadays, they keep innovating in the creation of natural period products, freeing the patents so everyone can use their solutions create products that let us have a more sustainable living.

Once you have used your Natural Panty Liners, do not hesitate to take them to the closest compost bin, since all of their components are completely industrially compostable.