Natural Lip Balm

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This Natural Lip Balm is what you need if you want a very good moisturising balm that is completely neutral. Its little can of 7gr fits in any pocket and is quite handy since you can open and apply it with the same hand. This becomes super useful in cold places where you have to take your gloves off, right?

Check out the picture to see them ;)

Open the can, rub a finger onto the balm and rub it back onto your lips. We challenge to do it with one hand and rubbing it with your thumb.

This is an alternative to any of the common lip balms that are packed in plastic packaging.

The Natural Lip Balm from Hydrophil is packed inside a metal can that can be recycled.

Hydrophil is one of the brands from Wasserneutral, a German based company that has been creating sustainable products since 2013 with the purpose make people more aware about world's water consumption and how to make it more efficient. Hence Hydrophil is a fair, vegan and water-neutral brand that is born with the same purpose by offering high quality and responsibly made bathroom products.

When you run out of balm, you can recycle the can by throwing it to the corresponding bin, which is the yellow one.