• Intimate Gel by Miranda Makaroff
  • Intimate Gel by Miranda Makaroff

Beemine Lab

Intimate Gel by Miranda Makaroff

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This intimate gel has everything inside to help you stimulate, hydrate and relax the intimate area (pH 4.5). Not your classic lubricant, instead this natural intimate gel cares for both you and the planet all while bringing pleasure to your intimate moments. The combination of aloe vera and coconut extract help prevent friction and irritation to increase sensation of pleasure. The hemp seed, propolis and Quinoa extract provides a feeling of relaxation and improves stimulation. Organic and cruelty free this amazing Intimate Gel nourishes while maintaining the balance of the intimate area and protecting it from bacteria and infections. All ingredients are hypoallergenic and mimics the natural ph of vaginas in reproductive years. It is latex and silicone friendly, formulated with plant-based and water-based ingredients.

It contains 30ml of Intimate Gel.

This intimate gel is made with aloe vera extract, hemp seed extract, propolis extract, coconut extract, chlorella extract and lactic acid.


Pleasure Gel for intimate relationships:

  • Apply on your hands or directly on the intimate area.
  • Massage softly the gel on the area to hydrate it.
  • Apply on the preservative or sex toy to improve the pleasure sensation.
  • Most importantly, relax and enjoy;)

Pleasure gel to care, hydrate and protect intimate area:

  • Apply generously on your hands or directly on the intimate area every night.
  • Massage softly the gel over the area to hydrate it.
  • Take care of your intimate area as much as you take care of the rest of your skin.

In case you were hesitating:

  1. Yes, it is compatible with condoms. Is water-based.
  2. The anal area has a different pH to the vaginal area, so we do not recommend the product for anal sex.
  3. It is completely natural and does NOT have any toxic ingredients. It can be kissed or licked, but it is a cosmetic so it is not suitable to be eaten or drank.
  4. No, it does not contain CBD (cannabidiol). Beemine Lab are at the moment working to bring a pleasure gel that contains CBD, but for now given its properties, requirements and ingredients they have decided not include CBD.

External use only.

Very often cosmetic products come inside of plastic tubes and bottles that are hard or non recyclable. Not only their packagings are not sustainable but their benefits to our skin come at the expense of animal testing, questionable practices to harvest the raw materials and support to non committed brands. This Intimate Gel from Beemine Lab is all the opposite! Made with sustainability in mind, they work to ensure that their ingredients are natural and of high quality, that their products come packaged as sustainably as possible, no animal testing and they invest themselves and their revenue into saving the bees and our planet.

Packaged in a recyclable glass bottle, with a plastic pump. Comes packaged inside of a cool and fun designed paper box by the talented Miranda Makaroff.

Founded in 2018 the Beemine Lab works hard to save the bees and heal with cannabis. This has been their vision, where the include ideas such as the environment, community, nature and science to produce products that are good for the people and the planet. Beemine lab dedicates 10% of all profits to help and protect bees in collaboration with Ecocolmena. They support a healthy and fair working environment for all the workers involved in the supply chain. In this way Beemine Lab manages to sustainably bring together the therapeutic power of cannabis (CBD) and derivatives of beekeeping to support our wellbeing as well as the environment.

Recycle the paper outer box in the paper recycling bin, or keep it.. is cool enough that you may want to. Once you have squeezed the last drop of this intimate gel recycle the bottle in the glass recycling bin and the pump in the plastic recycling bin.