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Kid's Basic Pack

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The basic pack for every kid containing a reusable bottle, reusable snack/sandwich bag and reusable bag to carry all three. The perfect bundle for kids to carry their meals and water. Check out the products this pack contains below.

This is the perfect bottle for kids or for carrying water with you while staying light! This Urban Bottle from 24 Bottles is light, handy and holds 250ml. With its compact format, it fits anywhere. It does not matter how it's kept, since it is completely leakproof for preventing any possible mess. 

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The reusable Snack'n'Go Bag is what you need to carry around any snack you like. It is easy to wash, reusable and durable. Get rid of the aluminium foil and plastic film that are always used to wrap up sandwiches! You will save the planet from plastic and money from your pocket. This model is from Mr Wonderful.

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This Reusable Shopping Bag from Kind Bag, is made with recycled plastic bottles that have been rescued from going to the ocean. It is a small but durable shopping bag and accessory that holds up to 10kg and can fold into an attached small pouch to always have with you. It is water resistant, looks cool and will save the planet from hundreds of bags every year.

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