• Fair trade compostable hair ties
  • 5 organic hair ties

Fair Squared

Organic Hair Ties

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These sustainable hair ties encapsulate everything we believe the concept of sustainable to be. Fair Squared brings these hair ties made under rigorous fair working conditions for producers by paying a fair trade premium that helps them improve their lifestyles and working environments as well as using only natural and fair trade materials. Not only that, they are vegan, plastic-free and a CO2 neutral product. Sustainable way of holding your hair in our opinion.

Contains 5 hair ties. 

Made from fairly traded natural latex and organic, Fairtrade cotton, machine-washable.

Hair ties are usually either made of plastic that breaks or ends up in the landfill or if not they are produced under unfair working conditions and with non fair trade materials. These are the completely opposite. Fair Squared pays a fair trade premium for every kg of natural latex they use in products. The rubber producers decide themselves how they want to use the fair trade premium to improve their living and working conditions: from access to clean drinking water to stipends and grants for students to an additional pension scheme. All of the cotton is Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. That along this natural hair ties being cruelty free, vegan, 100% plastic free and a CO2 neutral product made with only natural ingredients make it the sustainable alternative to your current hair ties.

100% recyclable paper band.

Fair Squared is one of those brands that represent our idea at Terra Zero  of sustainability. From Terra Zero we work to implement intersectional approach to solving the sustainability crises. For us that means taking both the planet and the people into consideration when working on our mission. Fair Squared portrays that through their values of fair trading conditions, environmental responsibility and a very finite NO to child labour and animal testing. They are creative when designing and producing their products and commit that their entire organisation and products are CO2 neutral. They work hard and smart to bring beauty and healthcare products to market that not only feel amazing to use but are good to the planet and the people.

These hair ties are 100% compostable.