• Pack of zero waste solid soaps.

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Foam Party Pack

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All that makes foam, zero waste. This pack includes from shampoo to body gel, without forgetting the rest of essentials that make foam and your body needs. All without leaving any trace behind. Check out the products below.

This 100% natural soap bar from UpCircle is made with organic and vegan ingredients, being also cruelty and plastic free. Perfect for a gentle facial and body exfoliation while hydrating and soothing with its upcycled natural ingredients. It is infused with repurposed chai spices used to manufacture chai syrup and contains organic cinnamon and ginger oils that revitalize the skin. The ultimate soap to exfoliate both, your face and your body to brighten and detoxify the skin.

Contains 100gr.

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Handmade by Soap Master Mohamed Khiro from Aleppo, we bring this completely plastic free hand soap, vegan, natural, halal, made with fairtrade ingredients and with fair working conditions. Could we ask more from this soap formulated for all skin types to sustainably clean your hands? Coming from a CO2 neutral brand? It got it all, this natural hand from Fair Squared doesn't leave one box unticked!

Contains 2 units of 80gr and a cotton soap bag to keep your soap in.

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A breath of fresh air in the shape of a light solid shampoo bar, to care for and treat hair with excess sebum. Completely natural and biodegradable it contains jojoba to regulate oily hair, green clay to purify and peppermint and rosemary essential oils with a refreshing and antibacterial effect.

Contains approx 90gr of solid shampoo.

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Golconda products are the kind of products that you know they are of a super high quality just by looking at them. This Shower Gel Bar of 65gr with Mint & Sage scent has moisturising oils that will take a perfect and gentle care of your skin daily. Certified by Natrue, it has only natural ingredients.

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This sisal bag is perfect for making your solid shower soap last longer and generate even more foam. This natural, biodegradable and compostable product will help you to gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin. The pouch measures 14 x 10 cm and is the perfect complement to any solid shower soap bar.

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