• Face Mask with CBD and Honey - Hani+
  • Face Mask with CBD and Honey - Hani+

Beemine Lab

Face Mask with CBD and Honey - Hani+

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This natural face mask with honey and CBD is the ideal solution to hydrate, reduce inflammation and regulate acne and eczema-prone skin. This Hani+ Face Mask will bring the glow look back to your skin while cleansing and disinfecting it preventing your skin from getting infected and getting acne and cold sores. It is a great antioxidant face mask that prevents your skin from aging.

It contains 140g of highly effective and natural Face Mask with CBD.

This Honey + CBD Face Mask is made with organic rosemary honey, cannabidiol and olive oil.


CBD Quantity: 300mg - 0,3% - 10mg/spoon

Please note this product is for external use only.

After cleaning your face, pat dry and leave slightly moist. Apply on your skin with your fingertips and spread until the desired area has been covered. You can leave it for as long as you wan but 20-30 minutes would be enough. Take out the mask with warm water or with the help of a wet towel.


  • To help the honey face mask have a deep and lasting effect, open the pores with a wet towel with hot water or with steam from hot water.
  • Apply once or twice a week using around 2 spoons of Hani+ on your face.
  • Mix with other ingredients that you normally use for homemade face masks.

Very often cosmetic products come inside of plastic tubes and bottles that are hard or non recyclable. Not only their packagings are not sustainable but their benefits to our skin come at the expense of animal testing, questionable practices to harvest the raw materials and support to non committed brands. This Natural Face mask from Beemine Lab is all the opposite! Made with sustainability in mind, they work to ensure that their ingredients are natural and of high quality, that their products come packaged as sustainably as possible, no animal testing and they invest themselves and their revenue into saving the bees and our planet.

Packaged in a recyclable glass jar with a recyclable aluminium lid. Recyclable paper label.

Founded in 2018 the Beemine Lab works hard to save the bees and heal with cannabis. This has been their vision, where the include ideas such as the environment, community, nature and science to produce products that are good for the people and the planet. Beemine lab dedicates 10% of all profits to help and protect bees in collaboration with Ecocolmena. They support a healthy and fair working environment for all the workers involved in the supply chain. In this way Beemine Lab manages to sustainably bring together the therapeutic power of cannabis (CBD) and derivatives of beekeeping to support our wellbeing as well as the environment.

Once you finish the face mask either give it another life as a jar to keep food or personal items, otherwise recycle in the nearest recycling container. Glass jar to glass recycling bin and metal lid, to plastic/metal recycling bin.