Compostable plasters with Coconut Oil

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The ultimate wound care product. Patch products from Nutricare are 100% compostable, vegan and plastic free. But that's not all... They are sterile, breathable and hypoallergenic! This model has Coconut Oil to help reducing inflammation, helping the skin to regenerate. It has pandas on it that kids will love! It contains 25 units.

The backing material is made from natural bamboo fibres; the gauze is also made from natural bamboo fibres and coconut oil; and the adhesive is a natural pressure-sensitive adhesive, making the entire plaster compostable.

Make sure the application area is dry. Open the peel-pouch and take off the wound plaster. Peel off one of the release liners and attach the plaster next to the wound, positioning the gauze upon the wound without touching it. Now peel off the second release liner, pressing gently the plaster on the skin with the gauze onto the wound. That's it!

These Nutricare Patch products are an alternative to most of the wound plasters on the market, which are entirely made of plastic.

The Nutricare Patch products come individually sealed into peel-pouch envelopes and they are all held inside a bamboo packaging. All of them are compostable.

Nutricare, the father company of the brand Patch has the clear purpose of making existing products better. That is what they have accomplished with Patch, creating a natural solution to one of the most common healthcare products. Being a B Corporation member, this Australian company has just started in the journey of creating amazing natural product alternatives.

Once you have used your Patch products, do not hesitate to take them to the closest compost bin, since all of their components are completely compostable.