• Pack de productos de cocina reutilizables para acabar con los plásticos desechables.

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Zero Waste Kitchen Pack

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All what you need to start having a zero waste kitchen. This pack contains some of our picked products to preserve your food fresh and forget about throwing away more plastic wrapping film and aluminum foil. Check out all the products it contains below.

The Bee's Wrap wrapping products are the solution if you want to end with all the unnecessary plastic film and aluminum film you use for wrapping food or covering it to preserve it in your fridge. This wrap is made of an organic cotton layer, coated with sustainable beeswax that makes it fully reusable and washable. This particular Bee's Wrap model is of medium size (25 x 27,5 cm).

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Have you ever had half tomato left after cooking and wrapped it up in film so it would not dry out in the fridge? Forget about that piece of film forever! The Food Hugger is a FDA grade silicone product that will cover the open side of your cut vegetable avoiding it from drying or getting rotten! 

Contains 5 food huggers of different sizes.

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The Stasher bags are the perfect choice for storing food or whatever you want, the limit is in your imagination. These high quality platinum silicone bags are durable and reusable. They're also dishwasher and microwave safe! This particular model is the snack size (12 x 19 cm) in clear color.

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These 100% organic cotton bags are perfect for storing your fruits and vegetables. They will keep your food fresher, both in the fridge and at room temperature. They are a perfect alternative to disposable paper and plastic bags. There are three bags, which dimensions are 40x40 cm and hold up to 8kg.

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This organic cotton produce bag from Turtle Bags is made from fair trade and high quality organic cotton. With them you will not need the single-use bags to buy vegetables and food in bulk.

Bring your bag with you to the supermarket to save the planet from thousands of disposable little bags every year.

In natural colour and large size.

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These 100% GOTS organic cotton bowl and dish covers are perfect to protect your foods, while letting them breathe. They are fully reusable and a great alternative to kitchen plastic film. They adapt to any container, dish or bowl shape, being a great zero waste product for your kitchen. 

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