Bee's Wrap

Bee's Wax Wrap Sandwich

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The Bee's Wrap wrapping products are the solution if you want to end with all the unnecessary plastic film and aluminum film you use for wrapping food or covering it to preserve it in your fridge. This wrap is made of an organic cotton layer, coated with sustainable beeswax that makes it fully reusable and washable. This concrete Bee's Wrap model is the Sandwich model, which includes a string and a button to securely keep your sandwich. Its size is similar to the large model (33 x 33cm).

The Bee's Wrap products are composed of an organic cotton layer, coated with a sustainably sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin.

Just use it to wrap your sandwich. Wash it with cool water and a mild dish soap. Let it dry and that's it, ready to be used again!

Please, consider that Bee's Wrap products are not suitable for raw meat/fish nor for microwave, since high temperatures are not suitable for the product.

This product represents a big alternative to common transparent and aluminum films, used in most homes for wrapping sandwiches and keeping them fresh when taking them away.

This Bee's Wrap product comes packed into a 100% recycled cardboard envelope with a transparent area made of biodegradable cellulose.

Bee's Wrap is an American company that in 2012 brought back a lost tradition by infusing beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin onto an organic cotton layer. By doing this, Sarah Kaeck created what today is the world's best established manufacturer of bee's wax wraps. They are part of the B Corporation family, which represents how incredible their work is.

Whenever your Bee's Wrap product becomes non functional, because it is lacking of wax after a lot of washing, please consider adding more wax to it. This will make it last a bit longer. However, if the product is ready to be thrown away, take it to the closest compostable bin in your neighbourhood, since all of its components can be industrially composted.