• Bamboo Interdental Brushes


Bamboo Interdental Brushes

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Take care of your interdental spaces the way they deserv, while being sustainable. Hydrophil interdental brushes are made mostly of bamboo, making them a sustainable alternative to common plastic interdental brushes. They are also animal cruelty free and vegan. The package includes in 6 pieces of size 0 (0,4mm diameter).

The handle of the brush and its body are made of bamboo and the bristles are made of nylon 6, held together by a metal string.

Use it like any other interdental brush, taking special care with the gum. Remember to insert it as straight as possible into the interdental space.

There are no interdental brushes with bristles that can be ensured to be compostable in all industrial plants at the moment. However, this solution is the most sustainable on the market as the main part of the product, the handle, is made of bamboo and not plastic.

The interdental brushes come in a cardboard box, wrapped in a small paper for having a more hygienic presentation. Both are 100% recyclable.

Hydrophil is one of the brands from Wasserneutral, a German based company that has been creating sustainable products since 2013 with the purpose make people more aware about world's water consumption and how to make it more efficient. Hence Hydrophil is a fair, vegan and water-neutral brand that is born with the same purpose by offering high quality and responsibly made bathroom products.

Take the metal string out of the handle and throw it in the common (grey) container, as it cannot be recycled due to the mixture of materials. The bamboo body can be thrown into the industrial compost bin (brown).