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Pure Argan Oil

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Few things are as versatile and sustainable in many areas such as Argan Oil. This fairtrade and organic argan oil has numerous positive cosmetic properties due to high content in vitamin E which has great positive effects on hair and skin care. Ideal for dry skin and hair this is a DIY ingredient that has many application possibilities all while contributing to the protection of the argan tree and supporting more than 2 million people involved in the production of Argan oil in the region of Arganeraie.

Contains 100ml of Organic and Fairtrade Argan Oil.

100% Organic Argan Oil.

The applications are many and it is very popular for people that like the DIY concept to produce hair and skin care solutions. You can apply it to stressed skin areas to moisturise it and retain for longer skin moisture. It also works to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Keep an eye on the blog to learn more about Argan oil and its uses.

Often we consume products that not only are far from natural and sustainable but they happen to harm communities around the world and harm the environment. This organic argan oil is the opposite, fairtrade , vegan, plastic-free, cruelty-free and CO2 neutral there is more to this argan oil than you could imagine. Not only you will take important care of your skin and hair, but you will be supporting the protection of vast natural areas in Morocco as well as supporting communities that live from its production. Sustainable, highly effective and ethical product.

This Argan Oil comes packaged 100% plastic free in a recyclable glass bottle and an aluminium lid.

Fair Squared is one of those brands that represent our idea at Terra Zero of sustainability. From Terra Zero we work to implement intersectional approach to solving the sustainability crises. For us that means taking both the planet and the people into consideration when working on our mission. Fair Squared portrays that through their values of fair trading conditions, environmental responsibility and a very finite NO to child labour and animal testing. They are creative when designing and producing their products and commit that their entire organisation and products are CO2 neutral. They work hard and smart to bring beauty and healthcare products to market that not only feel amazing to use but are good to the planet and the people.

You can always properly clean the bottle to re-use for ingredients and other oils. Otherwise you can recycle the bottle in the glass recycling bin and the aluminium in the plastic or metal recycling bin of your area.