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Anti-Acne Facial Soap

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Put an end to acne and unnecessary plastic. This organic face wash from Inuit is free from plastics and sulphates, containing natural active ingredients such as jojoba, neem and tea tree essential oils. Inuit Facial Bar Soap is natural, biodegradable and vegan, protecting both your face and the planet.

Contains approximately 90g of solid face wash.

Olive oil, iceberg water, babassu oil, neem oil, jojoba oil, bentonite, turmeric and tea tree essential oil.

With wet hands, pick up the soap cube and give it a couple of turns to generate foam. Leave the block and scrub your face thoroughly with your hands and the foam, focusing on the areas where acne usually appears. Let the soap sit for half a minute and rinse your face.

With this natural solid face soap, you are helping to avoid the waste generated by one plastic bottle of most unsustainable face soaps on the market. In addition to using natural ingredients, being completely vegan and organically grown, we can't think of a more sustainable and natural way to get rid of acne.

A plastic-free and minimal packaging to avoid waste. It comes packed in a cardboard box where you can find the ingredients.

Inuit was born in 2016 with an unconventional mission that took form in the shape of 9 cubes of soap and 7 solid shampoo bars, handmade and with 100% eco oils, cold pressed. Inuit goes one step beyond and puts their 100% biodegradable shampoos in plastic-free packaging. They don't use any sulfates, silicones, water, perfumes or conservatives. Transparent and with quality and effectiveness in mind, Inuit produces cosmetics that make a difference and that are different. You may like to also know that it has been chosen by Vogue as one of the best bio cosmetic brands in Spain.

As it should be, once you finish your facial soap nothing will be left. Made 100% biodegradable, you only have to recycle the packaging in the paper bin (blue).