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Stojo Collapsible Bottle 590ml

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The collapsible bottle from Stojo makes staying hydrated while on the go too easy. If you are looking for a bottle with capacity of more than half a litre that you can put in a pocket or in the bag anytime without taking any space you will love this! 

Made with two high quality materials, BPA free, lead free and phtalate free. The food grade silicone allows to collapse the bottle and the lit is made of PP to make the bottle leak proof and prevent any leakage. It is not plastic free but it will save the world from thousands of single-use plastic bottles.

This video shows how to collapse the Stojo bottle. To clean it, you can do it either by hand or putting it in the dishwasher.

Each minute 1 million single-use plastic bottles are sold in the world. Most of them will most likely end up polluting nature and our planet. The easiest and most impactful thing we could do?Reusing. By using a reusable bottle you can leave home with water to drink on the go saving you from having to spend extra money on water and saving the world from wasteful plastic. To go one step further you could filter your water at home with the amazing filter for the water tap from TAPP that we have in the store.

The collapsible bottles from Stojo come in a 100% recyclable paper box.

Stojo is a leading and innovative brand creating sustainable products that help lead a sustainable lifestyles while reducing waste, all with a pinch of coolness! Founded in New York, offering various collapsible products that make consuming zero waste, saving money and being a cool on the go person easy and accessible to everyone. Join the on-the-go revolution!

If you take good care of your Stojo Bottle, it may last for generations. But if it broke, you can put the PP lit in the plastic recycling bin to be recycled. The silicone part of the bottle can not be recycled in your street bins so we suggest a few options:

1. Take it to the closest recycling point of your area, where they will be able to correctly process this material.

2. Burn it, but being careful, since it will not release much CO2 and will not leave any waste behind.