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Stainless Steel Clothing Pegs

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The Pincinox pegs will last for a lifetime. These stainless steel pegs are unbreakable, durable and rust-proof. Their grip is also super strong, so there is no risk of finding a peg that has fallen apart. This plastic free pegs will hold your clothes safely. The pack contains 12 pegs.

The Pincinox pegs are 100% made of stainless steel.

This is a great alternative to plastic pegs which after a couple of years of use under outdoors conditions deteriorate and need to be thrown away.These stainless steel pegs will last for your whole lifetime. In fact, the company has no returns in 40 years of sales.

The Pincinox pegs come packed in a kraft cardboard paper envelope.

The whole idea of Pincinox started back in 1968, when Loulou Violet made by hand his first peg of stainless steel in the refinery he was working at. After that, he and his son started to make pegs at home in their free time, developing the brand, machinery for manufacturing pegs, and the pegs themselves. Decades later, Pincinox keeps being alive thanks to Loulou's son, Alain, who runs the company with his wife Josiane, bringing to the world stainless steel pegs that are actually stainless and super durable.

These pegs should last your entire lifetime, but if by any chance you have to throw to the bin any of them, take it to your local waste facilities, where they will properly recycle the stainless steel which some day could become a reusable bottle, for example.