• Reusable Makeup Swab
  • Reusable Makeup Swab
  • Reusable Makeup Swab
  • Reusable Makeup Swab
  • Reusable Makeup Swab


Reusable Makeup Swab

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The LastSwab Beauty reusable makeup swab from LastObject is the perfect alternative to single-use swabs used in makeup routines. This soft silicone, easy to clean and durable swab will let you stop buying single-use ear swabs for taking off the excess of makeup. Clean it with warm water and soap and reuse it again!

The LastSwab Beauty is made of nylon core and medical grade silicone tips. The case is made of plant based plastic.

As you would do with any other single-use ear swab for your makeup routine, use it for distributing makeup or retiring the excess of it putting a bit of makeup remover on it. Once used, clean it with warm water and a bit of soap and keep it in its case. As simple as that!

Every LastSwab Beauty promises to save al least 1000 single-use swabs, which is what it has been tested for. However, if you keep good care of it, it can live even longer. Therefore, this is a great alternative to single-use swabs, which end up contaminating our seas.

The LastSwab Beauty comes packed inside a fully recycled and recyclable cardboard box. The swab itself is contained in a bioplastic case.

LastObject is one of those successful projects from Kickstarter that has launched like a rocket. Back in 2018 they launched the LastSwab in Denmark, with the great purpose of ending with single-use cotton swabs. From then they have been constantly working on the creation of different products to end with unnecessary waste of the planet, while keeping a practical and stylish design.

It will take some time to your LastSwab Beauty swab to break. When this happen, we recommend you throw them to the common waste bin, since their plastics are non-recyclable (nylon and bioplastics from PLA).