• Shampoo bar for dry and damaged hair
  • Barra de champú inuit para pelo dañado


Solid Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair

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Specially formulated to nourish and strengthen dry and damaged hair. With maca extract to simulate growth, castor oil and vegetable kerating to nourish  the fiber and redensify the hair. Vegan, biodegradable and organic solid shampoo that takes care of your hair and the planet.

Contains approx 90gr of solid shampoo.

INCI: Mild coconut surfactant, Amla oil, Castor oil, Sesame oil, Maca extract, Vegetable keratin, Vegetable inulin, Lavender essential oil, Rosemary essential oil.

Wet your hair and you have two options to apply your shampoo and get the best results. You can either rub it on your hands until you have a thin foamy layer of shampoo that then you can massage on your hair or you could directly massage your hair with the shampoo bar and then massage your hair. Wash and rinse with water. Remember shampoos are to wash the skull and the half of the hair closer to your skull, while for the endings of your hair you can use conditioners.

Every time you treat your hair to a fresh wash with a shampoo bar in solid format, you are saving from going to the landfill a plastic bottle, all the energy that goes into producing and transporting those inefficient packagings and consequently you save lots of CO2 from going into our air. Add to that produced only with natural ingredients sourced from KM0 and you are contributing to saving the planet, saving water, saving eco-systems and supporting the local produce. Do you want to join the solid soap bar movement and start saving the planet from the shower?

A plastic-free and minimal packaging to avoid waste. It comes packed in a paper wrap where you can find the ingredients.

Inuit was born in 2016 with an unconventional mission that took form in the shape of 9 cubes of soap and 7 solid shampoo bars, handmade and with 100% eco oils, cold pressed. Inuit goes one step beyond and puts their 100% biodegradable shampoos in plastic-free packaging. They don't use any sulfates, silicones, water, perfumes or conservatives. Transparent and with quality and effectiveness in mind, Inuit produces cosmetics that make a difference and that are different. You may like to also know that it has been chosen by Vogue as one of the best bio cosmetic brands in Spain.

As it should be, once you finish your shampoo nothing will be left. Made 100% biodegradable all those showers left no trace behind, creating no waste. You only have to recycled the paper packaging in the paper bin.