• Nuud's Magic Cap
  • Nuud's Magic Cap


Nuud's Magic Cap

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This Nuud's deodorant magic cap turns your nuud deodorant tube into a stick. It provides a perfect dose, being as easy to apply as with your fingers. On top of that, it is reusable so you won't need to order new ones when ordering more Nuud deodorant.

It is completely made of sugarcane bioplastic.

This magic cap comes directly packed in a cardboard box.

Take out the current cap from your Nuud deodorant and roll this one on. Once you finish your Nuud tube, just take it out and roll it on the new tube. With this cap you can directly apply Nuud on the skin.

Nuud is a Dutch company that has focused on a single product, creating something totally innovative and effective. When you talk about Nuud, you are talking about the only ultra-concentrated, patented deodorant, made in Europe under fair trade conditions, totally CO2 neutral and packaged in plant-based tubes. We are talking about a company that has been innovating ever since it started, and which has already set its sights on its next challenge: to completely eliminate fossil-based plastic from its packaging, particularly, the tube's lid.

If you need to throw the magic cap to the bin, recycle it into the yellow one.