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H&B Incense

Natural Incense

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This natural incense from H&B incense is what you need if you want to make sure you use a product done under fair trade conditions, plastic free and completely organic. Coming in five different scents, these incenses are a sustainable and quality option for scenting your house. The package contains 10 incense sticks.

Vanilla: sedative and aphrodisiac.
Sandalwood: relaxing, perfect for meditation.
Lavender: relaxing, perfect for lifting your spirit.
Nag Champa: relaxing, perfect for meditation. We could say this is the classic incense smell.
Eucalyptus: invigorating and expectorant.

This product is a great alternative to all those incenses that come wrapped in plastic bags or, even worse, that are done under unfair labour conditions, or by underaged people in underdeveloped countries. These H&B incenses are done under fair trade conditions, wrapped in paper bags and contributing to the local communities that produce them.

The incense sticks come wrapped inside a paper bag, which comes inside a cardboard box. The cardboard box has a very little plastic tape to hold it closed. We are working with the brand for solving this and make the product completely plastic free.

H&B Incense is a company that has fairness in its core, understanding that they must be fair and have an impact on other people and communities that are more disadvantaged. For this reason 5% of their profits go to an NGO, RIGHTS FOR DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN IN INDIA, which works mainly in Jaipur (India) with children who have been rescued from the streets. With these little actions, this company produces high quality natural incenses that are done under fair trade conditions and contribute to the local communities.

Once the incense is burnt, you can compost these ashes into your home compost station or in the industrial one in your neighborhood (brown container). With regards to the paper bag and cardboard box, throw them into the blue container so they can become cleaning paper someday.