• Meke Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee 250g package


Meke Organic Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo

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Meke Ethiopian coffee. This craft coffee from Meke Coffee Roasters is organic, fair trade and has a cocoa, mandarin, rose and jasmine hint. The package contains 250g of this omni roasted, medium ground, full washed coffee. When getting your Meke Coffee, you'll order will be shipped next week, with grounded coffee that has been roasted this same week.

Ethiopia, Sidamo region, at an altitude of 1800 - 2000m. Coffee variant: Heirloom.

60% compostable kraft paper.

40% plastic lining.

Meke Coffee Roasters is an Ibizan coffee roastery, that roasts organic & fair trade coffee from around the world. Meke Coffee Roasters roast coffee weekly, ensuring it is always consumed at its freshest. The brand use a mixture of organic & fair trade coffee, sustainable roasting methods and fresh ingredients to create the best coffee in Spain - nationally recognised by Aeropress as the Best Specialty Coffee Roaster and Best Coffee Professional in Spain.

With honest margins, traceable origins and organic certifications, Meke Coffee Roasters promise you the best cup of coffee, no matter how you like your coffee. 

- The bag should go to the common waste bin (gray container).