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Luffa Esponjas Vegetales

Luffa Soap Holder

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This soap holder will help you keep all your solid soaps always dry and ready to use. As it is made of luffa fibres, the water drains through the holder, so the solid soap dries and stays in perfect state after each use. In addition, this soap holder is 100% vegan, plastic free and zero waste.

The soap holder is made mainly of vegetable luffa fibres and a cotton thread that holds them, so it is 100% compostable.

This luffa soap holder is a great alternative to conventional plastic soap dishes, which generate microplastics that end up in our seas.

These luffa soap holders come package free. However, we will wrap them in some recycled paper to protect them from possible dirt when we send them to you.

Luffa Esponjas Vegetales is a company based in Galicia, Spain, that has put focus in developing their own vegetable fibre genes, that give as a result the best luffa vegetables for their purpose. These luffa vegetables are put through a drying process to convert them into 100% natural, compostable and plastic-free sponges.

Once your luffa soap holder reaches the end of its life, throw it in the nearest compost bin (brown) for industrial composting.