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Luffa Esponjas Vegetales

Luffa Bath Mitt

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Thanks to the luffa vegetable fibres, this bath mitt will improve your blood circulation and help you to have a 100% sustainable shower. It is very comfortable to use thanks to its linen fastening strap and its oval shape. Its materials make this mitten a 100% compostable, plastic free and vegan alternative.

The bath mitt is mainly made of luffa vegetable fibres. The frame that closes the mitt is made of 56% linen and 44% cotton and the fastening strap is entirely made of linen.

Simply rub it onto your body. It will exfoliate your skin, stimulating circulation and helping you to distribute soap over your body.

This bat mitt represents a great alternative to conventional plastic mitts, which last less time and generate microplastics that end up in our seas.

These mittens come package free. However, we will wrap them in some recycled paper to protect them from possible dirt when we send them to you.

Luffa Esponjas Vegetales is a company based in Galicia, Spain, that has put focus in developing their own vegetable fibre genes, that give as a result the best luffa vegetables for their purpose. These luffa vegetables are put through a drying process to convert them into 100% natural, compostable and plastic-free sponges.

Once your luffa mitten is unusable, throw it in the nearest compost bin (brown) for industrial composting.