• 2 units and the package of Tiomatik replacement heads for electric toothbrush with coral and blue color.


Refill Electric Toothbrush Heads

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If you have one of the very common electric toothbrushes, try these Tiomatik replacement heads from TIO. They are 90% made of recyclable bioplastic and the greenest option in the market for this product. They have a rotating head that ensures the right cleaning for your teeth and gums. The pack contains two replacement heads, one of each color (blue and pink). The bristle strength is medium.

The Tiomatik replacement heads have castor oil bioplastic bristles, a sugarcane bioplastic body, and a oil based plastic rotating core. 

Tio are constantly working to improve the sustainability of their products, this means they are working on how to replace the oil-based plastic core with an equally functional plant based one.

Just plug the replacement head into your electric toothbrush. The head is compatible with the following models: Pro, Trizone, ProfessionalCare, ProfessionalCare Smart Series, Healthy Clean, Vitality, Pro-Health, Oral-B Triumph and AdvancePower.

Of course, this represents the perfect alternative to oil-based plastic electric toothbrush replacement heads.

The Tiomatik replacement heads from TIO come directly packed inside a fully recyclable cardboard box.

TIO is one of the brands from Wasserneutral, a German based company that has been creating sustainable products since 2013 with the purpose make people more aware about world's water consumption and how to make it more efficient. Hence TIO is a fair, vegan and water-neutral brand that is born with the same purpose by offering high quality and responsibly made oral and dental care products.

Once your replacement head reaches the end of its life, we recommend you throw it away responsibly. To do so, separate its pieces and throw the bristles plate and the body of the head into the plastic recycling bin (yellow) and the bristles into the common waste bin.