• kraft paper packaging of bicarbonate of soda

La Droguerie Ecologique

Bicarbonate of Soda

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This is a classic, 1kg of bicarbonate of soda from La Droguerie Écologique. The most versatile cleaning product. Use it to clean steel, stained containers or deodorise your trainers. Baking soda can even make your clothes look brighter, just by adding a bit with the detergent in the tank of your washing machine.

One kilogram of bicarbonate of soda, packed inside a cardboard bag, quite simple.

There are many uses for this product, so how to use it depends on which use you give to it. For instance, you can put a teaspoon of it inside your reusable drinking bottle and wash it with water and a bottle brush. You can do the same thing with you stained container and a dish brush or a scourer. Another option is to put a bit in the detergent tank altogether with the detergent to give an extra of bright to your clothes. You can also dilute it in cold water and use it to end with surface rust of metals such as aluminum or copper. There are many more options, but more appropriate for a blog, rather than a product description.

It is a great alternative for all the baking sodas in the market that are packed in plastic buckets or bags. It also is a great cleaning partner in your home if you are not using it yet.

The baking soda is packed inside a cardboard bag that has an inner layer of cornstarch PLA, which is fully compostable.

La Droguerie Écologique is one of the many brands from Ecodis, a French based company that has been more than 20 years already putting focus in innovation for the planet, while being CO2 neutral!

Once you have run out of the product, you can either recycle the paper bag or throw it to the closest compost bin in your neighbourhood, since cornstarch PLA and cardboard are both compostable.