• Bamboo Wooden Hairbrush


Bamboo Wooden Hairbrush

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The Bamboo Hairbrush with Wooden Pins is the right substitute for your plastic hairbrush. It is mostly made of wood, having a wooden core, as well as wooden pins that will massage your scalp and stimulate its circulation. So don't hesitate to make the change to this brush once your plastic hairbrush breaks.

The Bamboo Hairbrush with Wooden Pins is made of a wooden core and wooden pins. The pins are held thanks to a rubber cushion that has a hole to allow airflow.

Everyone likes to brush their own hair in a very personal way, so we will let that to you.

This product is a great alternative to plastic hair brushes. This is a durable option that is environmentally friendly and industrially compostable. If you need a more portable small option the Mini Wooden Hairbrush is what you need.

The Bamboo Hairbrush with Wooden Pins comes in package free, although we will wrap it up in recycled paper for protecting it when sending.

Redecker is a German family company that has been for more than 80 years (already three generations) making brushes of all kinds. They only work with natural elements, having sustainability in their core. They manufacture all the products in Versmold, Germany, trying to make sure that all their employees can provide ideas that become new products that the company can make.

Once your Bamboo Hairbrush with Wooden Pins reaches its end of use, please take it to the closest compost bin in your neighborhood, since all of its components are industrially compostable.