• Aromatherapy Diffuser of Essential Oils - Nebula Q


Aromatherapy Diffuser of Essential Oils - Nebula Q

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Essential Oils aromadiffuser with rechargeable battery, twist & mist nebulization tech, cordless diffuser. Thanks to its battery, nebula-Q has 35 hours autonomy with just charging time of 2,5 hours.

It contains:
- Essential Oil Diffuser
- USB Charging Cable
- 2 wicks  to absorb and diffuse the essential oil.
- Reusable amber glass flask to refill with essential oils of your choice.

The diffuser comes inside of a plastic-free cardboard box, with the only plastic being to protect the wicks.

The twist & mist tech allows diffusion directly from a 10, 15 or 20ml bottle with a wick (2 wicks included in the pack). Suitable to use both indoors and outdoors. One single button serves to control the unit. The direct nebulization from the bottle allows a high efficiency diffusion, while retaining all the essential oils properties and benefits.

Terpenic is one of the best essential oils manufacturers in the world. Located in Spain, they put key focus on transparency, making sure that the essential oils they put in the market are not mixed with synthetic fragrances or lower quality oils, being completely pure. In Terra Zero, we only provide the BIO versions of the Terpenic essential oils, which are labelled with the organic logo from the EU and certified by bio.inspecta (Natrue). Therefore, these essential oils are audited to be taken from sustainable and responsible sources, maintaining openness and environmental and social welfare.